Portugal in 5 Days

While many travel blogs focus on long-term travel, I think it is absolutely possible to discover the world one bit at a time, with short vacations. In only 6 days, I went to the best places in Portugal. Of course, there was much more to discover and I could have spent many more days discovering this beautiful country but 6 days was still enough for me to take in the beauty of Portugal.

Being one of the most affordable country to visit in Europe, it seduced me with its delicious food, its history, and its beaches. I visited Porto and the famous Lisbon during this trip.


In the northwest corner of Portugal is Porto: a vibrant + relentlessly charming coastal town known for its port wine, narrow cobblestone streets, bright tiled building facades + domineering bridges. Porto was the first stop of an amazing trip to Portugal, one of my new favorite countries in all of Europe.

2018-12-19 01.31.39 2.jpg

We spent 2 full days here and it was the perfect amount of time to see what Porto is all  about. It’s super walk-able, full of things to do and more beautiful than any pictures could properly do justice. If you’re like me, you probably don’t know much about this city (which I didn’t up until visiting). The food was amazing, such friendly people and nothing short of beautiful nooks and corners.

Lots of cities in Europe seem to have an ‘identity’; Paris and Venice seems inextricably linked to romance, Barcelona to art like Gaudi …   Just like these most amazing European cities, Lisbon has formed its own cosmopolitan identity that doesn’t involve the cities famed cork production.


Lisbon is one of Europe’s most significant cities to visit. It was the gateway city for many explorers to discover new lands, flavors and tastes from across the world. Its location as a coastal city thus brought back many new and exciting foods, architecture, spices and cultures that all mixed within the city limits to create the beauty that is Lisbon today!

2018-12-19 01.33.13 1 (1).jpg

To explore Lisbon is to eat your way around it.  From sweet Nata pastries and flans to great cod dishes, cheese and wine, Lisbon is a food-lovers’ paradise.  Lisbon is packed with characterful eateries, beautiful cobble stone streets and beautiful historic sites. During this stay, we also witnessed the world cup 2018 between Portugal and Iran which was a pretty amazing experience.

I will definitely go back to Portugal and explore the places that i didn’t get a chance to visit during this visit and have some more of the delicious food and experience the beautiful culture.

I hope you all enjoy this post and i would love any kind of feedback and what everyone would like to see on this blog. I know I have been out of the picture for a while now but I would like to come back and share my life experiences with you all lovely people.

much love xox


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