Afghanistan ~

Afghanistan.. the country where I come from, the country I was born in and left while I was very young. This trip was one of the most special and most memorable for me. Prior to going on this trip, I had many different thoughts going through my head since it had been 24 years since i was there last. But to my surprise, I had one of the best experiences of my life. Such an eye opening trip .. goes to show how wrongly the media is portraying the country and how blinding the media is. I am not saying in any way that Afghanistan is a rich and war-free country, we are all aware of all the situations happening there but believe it or not people are happy.. actually a lot happier than many people i have seen in the western world.


Anyway, during this journey I got to see some beautiful sites and devoured some delicious food. Afghanistan is one of the most underrated countries in the world right now, as no body knows how much it has to offer in terms of minerals, precious stones, oil etc. fun fact- Did you know that Afghanistan is the only country with the highest uranium production?! I didn’t know it either until recently. As well as deposits of gold, silver and platinum, Afghanistan has significant quantities of iron ore, uranium, zinc, tantalum, bauxite, coal, natural gas and significant copper – a particular draw given the dearth of rich new copper mines globally. *(google source)


I hope you all enjoy this post and i would love any kind of feedback and what everyone would like to see on this blog.

much love xox



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