Nice is just a place in France

The beauty of the French Riviera starts unraveling itself from the moment the plane prepares for landing. Beautiful mountain ranges surround the colorful city of Nice which in turn appears to have an endless pebbly shore. Seeing how beautiful this Mediterranean Coast really is, with its clear and teal-blue waters, I finally understood why this region is rightfully called Côte d’Azur

Being just by the beach, you can chill in the sunshine, read a book on a bench, sit back and do some people watching or even be more adventurous and promenade on the shores. You need sandals for this, as the shores are quite pebbly.

Energized and determined, we made our way up to Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau). Once at the top, we took advantage of the observation deck with breathtaking panoramic views. This is the perfect chance to photograph Nice from above and enjoy some truly spectacular rooftops landscapes.



When I hear the word Monaco a few things come to mind; the iconic Monte Carlo casino, yachts, James Bond, the Grand Prix and pretty much anything else that screams bucket loads of money. But just because I could never afford to live in Monaco didn’t stop me from wanting to see it.


I hope you all enjoy this post and i would love any kind of feedback and what everyone would like to see on this blog.

much love xoxo

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