How much is too much for Skin Care? But is it really worth it?

It’s no secret that buying skincare products can add up. It’s definitely one area that I take very seriously. Growing up I always struggled with a skin type where it wasn’t Normal or Dry or Combination, my skin has always had its own moods and the sensitivity was at another level.

Not everything I used worked for my skin, so I had to be extra careful with what I put on my face. I tried multiple home remedies, but I was never 100% satisfied with my skin. A few months back a friend of mine suggested Tatcha and I was not very keen on it as it is a bit on the pricey side but never the less I didn’t shy away from taking samples from him and tried it for the next few weeks. I am not way for expensive products or luxurious products. On that note, I have always been very protective of my skin. Having said that I have noticed that most things that are good for you in life are on the more expensive side and there is a very good reason for all that. The quality of ingredients, science, and technology behind good skincare lines is what makes the price points go up and in my experience, if it’s a lower price point you’re likely to find filler ingredients on the label that are doing nothing but harming your skin. Think of skincare products like food, the more filler and low-quality ingredients in it, the worst it is for you.

Not all skin care products have to be extremely expensive, I think masks and cleansers are products that you can spend $10-$25 and get quality results. Before trying Tatcha, my go-to face wash has always been Neutrogena and I have always used the Neutrogena sunscreen with SPF 60 and they don’t disappoint.


However, the more intense products that really sit in your pores all day long, like serums, face oils and moisturizes – well this is where I find that the luxury skincare lines are worth every last penny. I have been using Tatcha for a bit over a month now and sure enough, they do not disappoint and they have now become some of my absolute favorites.

Tatcha not only provides my skin with nourishing ingredients but also only uses all-natural ingredients which is key to beautiful skin. Currently, I am using Tatcha’s THE SOOTHING RITUAL Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin, it is a 4 step skincare routine that you will forever be thankful for. To my routine I have also added their VIOLET-C BRIGHTENING SERUM I swear by. This has given my skin everything I have ever wanted. I 100% recommend Tatcha for all skin types.

much love xox

“girls should not be afraid to be extraordinary”- john wood!

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