5 Best in the West (Toronto)

The east vs west debate has been on every Torontonian’s list as long as I remember. Whenever we think of an outing and get together the first place that comes to mind is Downtown Toronto and its luxurious sites including parks, harbor front, restaurants.. you name it and we have got it here in Toronto. But when we look at how amazing and grand the city of Toronto is we sometimes forget the little towns in the City and the beauty Toronto holds in its west side. Today I am going to share my 5 favorite spots in the west of the GTA (greater Toronto area) and how breathtaking these locations are. hint hint Instagrammers. 

Cheltenham Badlands (Caledon, Ontario)


Cheltenham Badlands is a large expanse of exposed Queenston Shale that contains thin layers of siltstone and sandstone. It was formed about 450 million years ago during the Ordovician geologic time period. The site is now open to the public after a period of construction and/or preservation of the site.

Burlington Waterfront (Burlington, Ontario)

Burlington’s Downtown Waterfront is a unique destination offering a place to discover, celebrate, play, and relax. With the beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views, this location had to make this list.


Dundas Peak (Hamilton, Ontario)

Imagine looking down at a city from the top of a mountain? Well, not exactly a mountain but the views from this location is to die for especially in the fall. Just 2km of hike and you will feel like you are on top of the world.


Weirs Lane Lavender and Apiary (Dundas, Ontario)

Weir’s Lane Lavender & Apiary (WLL) is a craft producer of lavender and bee-related products using natural formulations. I came across this location as I was driving endlessly on the streets of Hamilton and saw the sign and turned right in. This is a family-owned field where you can feel the love and affection the minute you walk in. They were all so kind and loving the minute I walked in. They also have a cute little shop where they a ton of different kinds of lavender products.

Kids, don’t break the sunflowers.


Last but not least…

Rockwood Conservation Area (Rockwood, Ontario)

Towering limestone cliffs, caves and glacial potholes, including one of the world’s largest, are a few of the natural wonders at Rockwood. You can view them from hiking trails on both sides of the Eramosa River or in a rented canoe. The ruins of the Harris & Co. Rockwood Woolen Mill is fun to explore, and the serene and peaceful canoe rides at sunset are my favorite.


Anyone, visiting Ontario from any other beautiful parts of the world, can use this as a shortlist and enjoy the beauty Ontario has to offer.

much love xox

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