How much is too much for Skin Care? But is it really worth it?

It’s no secret that buying skincare products can add up. It’s definitely one area that I take very seriously. Growing up I always struggled with a skin type where it wasn’t Normal or Dry or Combination, my skin has always had its own moods and the sensitivity was at another level.

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Nice is just a place in France

The beauty of the French Riviera starts unraveling itself from the moment the plane prepares for landing. Beautiful mountain ranges surround the colorful city of Nice which in turn appears to have an endless pebbly shore. Continue reading Nice is just a place in France

Portugal in 5 Days

While many travel blogs focus on long-term travel, I think it is absolutely possible to discover the world one bit at a time, with short vacations. In only 6 days, I went to the best places in Portugal. Of course, there was much more to discover and I could have spent many more days discovering this beautiful country but 6 days was still enough for me to take in the beauty of Portugal. Continue reading Portugal in 5 Days

Iceland: Road to nowhere

I have been wanting to go to Iceland for the past couple of years and I can now confirm it does not disappoint! Continue reading Iceland: Road to nowhere